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Corona munchies

Air popped popcorn seasoned with butter, salt, pepper and “Bone sucking sauce” seasoning. Photo by Somashekar 2020

It’s 3/21/20 – all hell has about broken lose or so it feels like it. Corona virus has struck most of the globe and has started impacting the US. My town’s public schools closed about 10 days ago. Kids in my town are doing “distance learning”. It’s not a perfect system, but at least it’s something. Office workers have started working from home (assuming that they weren’t laid off), restaurants are not allowed to have in dining (some have laid off staff), small businesses have closed because they are not considered essential (more layoffs). New York city closed public schools and businesses – the last time something of this magnitude happened, it was 9/11. Over this weekend many states enacted “stay at home orders” and “social distancing”. IT’S ALL VERY CRAZY AND STRESSFUL to say the least!!!!

A lot of people will probably regret their atrocious behaviors in the past week and weeks to come. Our humanity is definitely being tested, the best and worst in all of us is coming out. This is very reminiscent of Lord of the Flies written in 1954 by William Golding. If you have forgotten or never read it, pick it up!

We are all under confinement for the next 11 days, and on social media there are neighbors and community members ostracizing other community members for not adhering to the 6′ distance rule or for being outside. The grocery stores are ravaged. You would think the world is coming to end. Meanwhile, there are people falling ill globally from the flu and other diseases, and we have little compassion for those in our community.

Our basic freedom of movement and ability to go where ever we want are being slowly taken away. People don’t see a problem with this. Rumors are spreading like wild fires about National Guard roaming our streets. Meanwhile, my county has luckily only 203 positive cases (as of 3/21/20) or 41 in my town alone. This is pale in comparison to 10,000 cases in NY state or over 3,000 in New York City alone! I find it very irrational to think that the President or even our Governor would say that my town has a more urgent need for assistance over people in New York City.

Needless to say, all of this is not easy for emotional eaters like myself. I have to say after a week, I think I’m starting to get back in control. I’ve been cooking meals, which I’ll be sharing shortly. Tonight’s snack of popcorn hit the spot with a glass of wine! I used a “Hotpop“, it’s a silicon bowl that you use in the microwave and it makes popcorn with NO oil! The popcorn is popped in a few minutes. I tossed with a pat of butter, salt, pepper and a sprinkle of “Bone sucking sauce” seasoning. It was crunchy, a little salty and had a hint of spice – hitting the spot.

I have to find little things to ground me. Going for walks and feeling the sun, hearing birds and being reminded that life is still going on. Hopefully warm weather will come soon and I’ll be gardening again. People around me are very anxious and stressed about the uncertainty of what’s coming next. No one knows, do we ever? But, I can’t help to think that I don’t want to look back and say, “WOW, I was an asshole!”. Hope you try this munchie out and it helps you get connected to the old you before corona virus turned your life upside down.

What are we? Human? Or animals? Or savages? – W. Golding

Mediterranean Black Bean and Chourico (Chorizo) Soup


This is a simple portuguese soup to make on a cold snowy day or as my mom would do, when she needed a cleanse.  Sounds like she was ahead of her time with what is now known as soup diets!  After researching the benefits of beans and kale, her cleansing feeling makes complete sense.  I have replaced red beans with black beans, as they provide way more nutrients. Black beans provides a punch of  phytonutrients such as antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, which help prevent disease. It has a  high protein – plus – fiber content; 1 cup of black beans give you 15 gram of fiber and protein! Black beans also support healthy digestive track. The soluble fiber has also been found to reduce heart attacks! This is a superfood, if you ask me. Continue reading Mediterranean Black Bean and Chourico (Chorizo) Soup