Exercise is not enough!

I was watching a video from Dr. Amy Lee.  She provides substantiated research.

My commentary on the foods are the following:

Yogurt (interesting because I’ve stopped eating this for the past 2 weeks and have felt terrific!)

Wheat bread! Thank goodness this is on the list – I hate this and always have a hard time digesting this.  The high fructose corn syrup added to make the bread, it also causes weight gain. According to Dr. Lee, this ingredient interrupts with the chemical reactions in your brain that keeps you from feeling full.  She also mentions that it is addicting – this is a very interesting point.

Cereal bars because of the sugars added to them, are a no go for me – corn syrup, fructose, sugar.

Dr. Lee’s approach is to tackle a  lifestyle via digestive system. Less energy = poor digestion = weight gain. Focus is on digestive health. The 4 natural fat loss helpers and foods to avoid, according to Dr. Lee are:

  1. Food preservative – it prevents food from being digested or nutrients from being absorbed by our bodies. The solution to fight preservation, amalyse, bromelian and lipase (digestive enzymes before you eat).  I used to take this when I had asthma flair up, it did make a difference. I haven’t tried her brand.
  2.  Bad gut bacteria – candida or yeast. Candida grows from sugar and then prevents nutrient absorption.  To combat this, take probiotics. I took this when I was pregnant because I couldn’t handle yogurts.  She warns against cheap probiotics. Look for those that  contain 10 unique strains, 10 B colony units per capsule. I haven’t tried her brand and will follow up on review of it.
  3. Overeating.  What can I say, guilty on this.  I’ve tried a few different things – portion control, drinking water, timing when I eat – smaller/more frequent meals throughout the day. The best one so far, eat a large salad first! Romain, celery, cucumber, tomato, pepper, thrown in another one to two veggie – keep dressing to a minimum.  Then eat your portion controlled meal. Romain lettuce and celery are loaded with fiber, so you will feel full!
  4. Slow metabolism – EGCG (green tea extract) stimulates metabolism and combined with exercises, can act as a boost when taken 30 minutes prior to exercise.
  5. She recommends avoiding the following carb, olestra or olean! I have stayed away from this for many years. It prevents absorption of vitamins in the body.

And the catch to all this information – it’s a promotion for a BIO X-4 supplement!  I have misgivings about buying supplements online and then not from a reputable retailer.  I was buying my supplements from Willner Chemist in NYC.   Her video goes on to promote her supplement – BIO X-4. How do you tell the difference between a commercial and true information – research, research, research.  I went onto  find reviews of the product and learned that perhaps in combination all of these may not be good for you. I know from taking digestive enzymes – you should take before food, not after. Probiotics are good on an empty stomach.  I haven’t taken caralluma fimbriata.  You can drink green tea rather than take extracted supplements.

In my quest, I’ve found that “dieting”  is temporary.  Dr. Lee isn’t the first person to suggest a lifestyle approach.  One daily step, focus on one new habit you can make towards your healthy lifestyle.