Just when I thought I was doing great….

I checked in at the end of week 3, I lost 3 pounds and about 0.8 inches from my waist. I was feeling terrific, until Dr. Jain read my log.  I thought I was on track with restricting my carbs and stayed away from sugar.  However, not the case – she pointed out that I still ate too many carbohydrates.  I had to cut out the following: whole wheat tortilla wrap, granola I was adding to my yogurt, and greek yogurt!  All the things purportedly good for you.   I was to add nuts, I could use chia seeds, cottage cheese and the obvious – vegetables (except potatoes, squash); she reinforced no rice or any white foods.  I cheated with a slice of pizza.  Fruits limited quantities – small portions of berries. Tofu as a protein alternative to chicken/fish AND she prescribed, Phentermine.  Let’s see how things go.

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