Hey, I started working out and I gained WHAT?

I’ve been using the “Lose It” app – this is cool. I’ve lost 4 pounds after 2 weeks,  and I think I’m doing great! At the end of the second week, I started working out.  I signed up for Orange Theory (OT). My first work out was great – I burned 403 calories, I walked and did some weights. It a lot like my  old work out but, a little bit less intense.  There are a lot of comments abound on the internet about OT. You can google, “Orange Theory, what is it”.   I will say, it is easy to get wrapped up in their point tracking system, I keep telling myself that  I don’t go there for that. The reasons for going are to get moving, and the fact that after  YEARS of not going to the gym, this is a huge step.  It is fun, it is dynamic and no pretense. We are all working out together, there is no uncomfortable glaring. You do an interval workout on the treadmill, rowing and then a weight area where you do more calisthenics type exercises. It would be hard to say that you are bored.

The only problem now is that the weekend after starting my gym, I gained 3 pounds!! Those precious pounds came back. I kept at my routine and would go back to the gym two more times.  My friend mentioned we should eat to restore our nutrients we lost during exercise – aka recovery. So after my first work out, I would go out to eat a lunch with her.  The second time, I ate soup.  And the third time, I gorged.

Recovery was a new term to me, then again I’ve been out of the gym scene now for 10 years.  Honestly, I’m not a medical practitioner but, this doesn’t make sense.  If I’m outside working and doing  yard work, I wouldn’t stop to eat to “recover”, I would eat because it was time for lunch or dinner.  Why eat all the calories you just burned?  It went against my gut. I researched this,  it was bugging me. I came across an interesting article by Kelly Coffey, she to points out that overcompensatory eating is the culprit! So my gut was spot on, I’ve told myself that next OT work out, I won’t do lunch after (I’ll share that tomorrow).  She also advocates for no aerobics or weight training for women, but I don’t agree with that (for now). I’m not ruling out that she may be onto something.

So on Friday, end of  week 3 – I checked in with my doctor (Monica Jain) and told her about my phenomena – she pointed out that harder work out would make my body crave more carbohydrates!  That explains, how I downed 6 tacos – couldn’t stop eating the crackers as they were more satisfying for me than chicken after a great work out.

She made adjustments to my food log and made suggestions (see )

I’m working out tomorrow, and I’ll do a protein shake after and before I eat lunch so I don’t over eat. Let’s see what happens.I’ve been using the “Lose It” app – this is cool. I’ve lost 4 pounds after 2 weeks,  and I

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