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Diet train doesn’t always go both ways

My husband isn’t on the diet train. If I cook something he likes, he’ll eat it.  I won’t make two meals, so sometimes the table will have my meal and then his meal.  My son most times has a combo of mine and his.  I can’t expect him to enjoy cauliflower, humus and lettuce for lunch vs an Italian hero. Although, I have to say it was a delicious lunch and I suggest it.   However, what a contrast and you know what?  IT’S OK!  I have to accept that there will be times when I am eating healthier than everyone else.

Hey, I started working out and I gained WHAT?

I’ve been using the “Lose It” app – this is cool. I’ve lost 4 pounds after 2 weeks,  and I think I’m doing great! At the end of the second week, I started working out.  I signed up for Orange Theory (OT). My first work out was great – I burned 403 calories, I walked and did some weights. It a lot like my  old work out but, a little bit less intense.   Continue reading Hey, I started working out and I gained WHAT?

Start of a new day, again

I’m now 203 pounds, my wedding ring and my size 12 pants don’t fit me!  This is technically considered OBESE – yikes!   To make matters worse, I  watched myself gain 10 pounds over a month when I had shingles last month. Yes,  I had shingles at 41! This is not common and happened because of stress. Stress can do wonders to our bodies. When I’m nervously stressed, I can’t see food. Continue reading Start of a new day, again